Anya israel

Every Story Counts.

We all have stories to tell. 

Times of doubt, of change, of courage. Times when we thought all was lost, but were given another chance. Times that we hit rock bottom or reached a form of perfection. Interactions that changed our lives, books that gave us a new perspective, losses that opened our eyes. 

In fact, you’re probably thinking of one of these stories in your own life right now. True stories make the most impact on our society because they inspire, teach, and warn others. 

Think of the times you asked your friends about an item you were considering for purchase, but their stories and advice persuaded you otherwise. Think of the movies that flopped despite heavy advertising because people told one another it wasn’t good. Think of books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games that became famous almost overnight because readers spread the good word. 

We are all connected through our stories. They touch hearts, inspire creativity, and teach lessons in a way nothing else can. 

Every story is worth telling. Join me as I share them.

About Me

I’m a story lover. Dynamic characters, shocking plots, beautiful worlds–all the elements of a good story give me a thrill like nothing else can. When I’m not writing or creating stories, you can find me eagerly devouring movies, TV shows, and novels, spending time with my friends and family, or cooing over my beautiful betta fish. 

What’s your story?

Do you have a story to share, or does someone you know have a story? Message me here! Let’s start a conversation. Your story deserves to be heard!